AZUREUS is an American adult animated action streaming television series created, written and directed by David Weinstein with Adam Coggin as co-executive producer and VFX supervisor. The series is co-produced and animated by the award-winning animation studio Altered FX.

The series is an unfunded passion project seeking a permanent streaming home. It follows a young man, known as Azureus, as his quest for vengeance unfolds against the backdrop of a once-serene galaxy decimated by the Aeons, a deadly race of extraterrestrials. The series is a riveting high-octane journey that transcends the ordinary—blending cyberpunk and fantasy with the timeless pursuit of justice and retribution.

On the surface, Azureus is an action-adventure spectacle. We’re talking full on space pirates, androids, giant robots, aliens, cyber ninjas, and everything in between. You can’t mess with what we have coming down the pipe. At it’s core though, Azureus is a really delicate story about love, loss, and revenge. We really worked hard to ensure we backed up our flash with substance.


To create the series, the animation studio Altered FX developed proprietary technology and advanced pipeline workflows to empower the story team and animators.  Combined with the latest cutting-edge hardware and software, a seamless blend of visual effects, animation, and performance capture keeps costs down and production value up.

We’ve been doing this for a long time.  Our story, visual effects, and animation team decided it was time to stop making Marvel, Sony, and the big studios around town look good and use our super powers for our own content.  We took everything we learned over the past decade, cut the fat, and engineered an unstoppable creative machine.


The teams at Black Sun and Altered FX are currently in production of AZUREUS Chapter 2, the next segment of the 40-minute-long pilot episode. The plan is to release the chapters online for free as they are created. In addition, the AZUREUS team is developing a video game that will continue the saga beyond the series and delve deeper into a world not seen in the series.

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