The AZUREUS team is a collective of industry veterans hailing from Marvel Studios, Disney, Dreamworks, Lucas Film, Blur Studio, and Sony Animation. United by our passion for hard-hitting, dramatic, and enthralling stories told through the animated medium, we have grown weary of the repetitive and uninspired content that pervades the animation industry.  Rather than continuing to enable this trend, we’ve broken away and taken action to create AZUREUS, a truly unique, character-driven, world-bending, action-adventure war epic set among the stars.

Producing this ambitious project is the collaboration between independent production studio BLACK SUN ENTERTAINMENT and visual effects & animation powerhouse, ALTERED FX.  Together, we form the ultimate super team, fusing high-concept, character-driven narratives with cutting-edge CGI and animation.  Our commitment to breaking boundaries defines us.  Join us on this thrilling journey as we embark on the creation of AZUREUS – the most badass animated series ever. CLICK HERE to connect.

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