Are you an artist, animator, filmmaker, or producer seeking a special project to contribute to? Want to collaborate with other passionate individuals and elevate your portfolio with high-quality work? We’re on the lookout for motivated volunteers to join our team.

Who are we? We’re a collective of friends and industry professionals worldwide who share a love for art, animation, visual effects, video games, anime, comic books, movies, and television. Our team includes members from renowned studios such as Industrial Light & Magic, Digital Domain, Sony Pictures Animation, Blizzard Ent, Marvel Studios, and Dreamworks. However, experience at that level isn’t a prerequisite; it’s your talent and passion that matter most. If you resonate with our mission, reach out and connect.

Our entire operation and pipeline is designed for offsite remote workflow, allowing you to contribute from anywhere. We connect using chat, screen share, and web cameras to collaborate with the team. Whatever your time zones or geographical location is, it’s not an issue. Below are key areas where we’re actively seeking volunteer-based assistance –

  • Character Artists (Modeling / Texturing)
  • Unreal Engine Developers
  • Scifi and Fantasy Concept Art
  • Lighting & Comp Artists (Maya/Nuke)
  • Motion Capture Specialists
  • Cloth Simulation
  • Groom and Hair Simulation

Message us and share a link to your work by CLICKING HERE. Don’t find your expertise listed but still want to contribute? Reach out anyway; let’s connect!

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